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Up and coming Channel 7 actress Atsadaporn "Green'' Siriwattanakul has a novel explanation for how she ended up fleeing a horde of journalists wanting to talk to her about her family problems.

Green declined to talk to reporters waiting for her at a city event on Friday. After posing for pictures, she hurriedly left the function to mark the first anniversary of Tenn magazine and headed straight for a vehicle at the entrance.

However, Green - whose boyfriend and father are fighting over her in court - insists she didn't leave voluntarily. "I was pushed from behind,'' she said later.

Green called the event manager from the safety of her vehicle to say she wanted to talk to the journalists about the dispute, but the crowd behind her was pushing, which propelled her from the building.

"I'll answer your questions when the dispute goes to court,'' she called out to journalists as she left.

One report said Green and her entourage of five handlers took advantage of a moment when security guards were keeping journalists at bay to scuttle past them.

The event manager went before the press later to apologise, denying Green had attempted to flee, and insisting she was holding up well against the fuss.

Green (Maya Muk) is caught in the middle of the defamation row between her boyfriend, actor Rattapong "Kelly'' Thanapat, and her father, which heads to court tomorrow.

Kelly is suing Green's father for defamation after he sent a series of legal letters to Kelly's employer, Channel 7, asking his bosses to intervene in their personal dispute.

Green's father, Chatrirath, has asked Kelly to take a step back from his daughter's life until she finishes her university studies. He insists he is not standing in the way of their love, despite the age difference - Kelly is 19 years Green's senior - and that once she graduates, she can do what he likes.

Kelly, 42, however, says the relentless campaign of legal letters which Mr Chatrirath has sent to Channel 7 risks harming his career. He took legal action after Mr Chatrirath allegedly threatened him once too often.

The actor said earlier last week that he had asked Channel 7 to arrange a meeting with Mr Chatrirath, to see if they could keep the mater out of court. It was set for Friday but failed to go ahead.

Earlier, as internet users rounded on Green for putting her boyfriend before her family, Kelly was forced to deny reports that he had whisked Green away to live with him.

"She doesn't live with me, but with her student friends. She hasn't done anything bad,'' he said.

ASTV Manager newspaper yesterday revealed new details of the dispute, saying Mr Chatrirath has himself taken legal action against Kelly, accusing him of illegally detaining his daughter. Green has stayed away from home for the past year, the complaint said.

A court has agreed to hear the first hearing of Kelly's defamation dispute against Green's father tomorrow.
Model Omsawan "Amie'' Sirikittirat has sued one critic and made up with another as she faces down public jibes that she is making a name for herself at others' expense.

Amie, best known as the former girlfriend of tearaway Taiwanese model and singer Howard Wang, kept herself in the spotlight last week as she made good on threats to sue a DJ who accused her of trying to leach off his fame.

The Miss Maxim model visited Lat Phrao police on Thursday to file extra evidence against DJ and occasional actor Paranyu "Tack'' Rojanavudtitham, after laying a defamation complaint against him the week before.

Amie's lawyer Surapol Sintunawa, who accompanied her, said he would file civil and criminal papers against Tack seeking damages of one million baht.

Amie at court
Amie said she had thought about dropping the dispute, but when Tack kept up his internet jibes, she decided to press on.

"I just want Tack to apologise, but he won't let up. He keeps posting nasty messages on Instagram, and his fan club piles in too,'' she said.

Amie laid a complaint at the same station last month claiming ex-boyfriend Howard had broken into her townhouse to deliver a birthday present.

Critics say she is exploiting the drama with Howard, and now her row with Tack, to make a name for herself.

As netizens dug into her past, Amie has been forced to admit she acted in erotic movies five years ago to help her mother pay off gambling debts.

However, she insisted she was a good person, and had served the nation by training as a volunteer soldier in the reserve guards.

Outspoken cable TV host Leena Jung, among Amie's critics, accused her of fabricating the military rank she was given by the guards.

In one teary interview Amie had claimed she was given the rank of second lieutenant. Inquiries by netizens, however, revealed no such rank in the reserves existed.

Acting 2nd Lt Pichai Thapthong, legal adviser to the Reserve Training Corps, last week defended the model.

He said Amie had flubbed the exact rank, as she was crying at the time. However, he confirmed she had taken part in reserve training with other celebrities last year, and been assigned a similar rank.

Amie was special guest on the Woody Kert Ma Kui show, filmed the day before her visit to the police.

Host Wuthithorn "Woody'' Milintachinda brought her face to face with Leena, who admitted her criticism about Amie's rank may have been too harsh. She apologised, and the two hugged for the cameras.

Amie, Leena
Amie also is battling criticism on another front as Maxim magazine, which last year crowned Amie the winner of its modelling show, declared it wants her to stop using the Maxim name.

A hair and make-up artist for the competition, known as Noddy, told Woody that Amie had earned such a bad name for herself that sponsors were no longer willing to support the pageant.

Amie responded in typical feisty fashion. "I don't feel angry. On May 8, my contract with Maxim ran out, so I now use my proper surname instead of Amie Maxim,'' she said.

As Amie keeps up a busy round of public appearances, her ex-boyfriend Howard is in prison as he awaits the outcome of Amie's complaint that he broke into her home.

The model told Woody she does not regret her drive to seek fame.

"I was famous before, but I have an even bigger reputation now. Some say I have achieved notoriety, but those who understand me and truly love me will say I actually earned my fame in a good way. I was merely defending myself, which can't be wrong,'' she said.

Actress Rungrawee "Oah'' Barijindakul would like to meet the man who has been pestering her for phone sex.

Oah says she has been getting nuisance calls for more than two years from a die-hard fan who asks her to help him reach climax.

"He calls me asking to play phone sex. I refuse, and ask how he found my number. He tells me not to worry about that, just to talk sexy to him, as he's almost done,'' she said last week.

"When I turn him down, he unleashes a volley of swear words,'' she said.

Oah said she has the man's number, but hasn't alerted the police.

"I regard it is more of a joke now. The calls have been going on for so long that I am curious to know what he looks like,'' she said.

"Most nuisance callers might try it on two or three times and that's it. But no matter how much I criticise him to warn him off, he refuses to give up,'' she said.

A teen actor has apologised after threatening to beat up a young man who he says has designs on his girlfriend.

Actor Thawat "Earth'' Pornrattanaprasert (Suckseed Huay Khan Thep), posted a picture of a BB gun, a knife and a knuckle duster on his Twitter account on May 1, warning his adversary to keep his distance.

"Even if it's just a glance, you have no right to look at her. I know who you are. I am no expert, but if you want it, bring it on,'' he growled.

Fans warned him to be careful about issuing such threats, but Earth said he wasn't scared.

"I don't usually stand up to people. But I will step on his face and post the video. I am normally cool tempered, but he has slept with so many people. I have many friends who play around, but this one goes too far.''

News reports of Earth's hostile tweets started on Tuesday. By the next day, the actor had thought better of it, and issued an apology.

"I should have paused to think first. I forgot I have almost 100,000 youngsters following me on Twitter. In future I won't be so hot-headed. Please don't follow my example,'' he implored his fans.

Netizens said if Earth was a real man, he would go head to head with his foe, or at least try to talk their problems through.

"Don't hide behind pictures of BB guns, threatening the public. You obviously lack the courage to solve problems the proper way,'' one wrote.

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