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Sunday 26 May 2024

Monk caper; bullet in bed; undertaker’s woe; polite robber

Naughty in the saffron robes

Sanan cries while calling his wife.

An Uthai Thani man is calling on his estranged wife to reconsider after she allegedly ran off with an errant monk.

Sanan (no surname provided), 61, pleaded tearfully via the media for his wife, Nanthawan (no surname provided), 53, to return to their marital home in Nong Chang district, which she left on May 9.

Sanan said he is willing to forgive her indiscretions with the monk, Phra Thongkham. He also wants her help caring for their 30 cats and dogs, not to mention paying off their combined 500,000 baht debt.

The couple were together more than 30 years when Nanthawan took a liking to the monk from nearby Wat Nong Krathum.

Phra Thongkham, 58, originally from Surin, was booted out of the temple about the same time as Sanan’s wife disappeared after the abbot caught them together, confirming her husband’s suspicions that they had drawn too close.

The abbot, Phra Athikanrawai Mahawiriyo, chased Phra Thongkham out of the temple on May 8 after witnessing him and Nanthawan behaving inappropriately.

“What are you doing?” the abbot, who had secreted himself behind the temple kitchen where he knew the couple liked to meet, bellowed at the pair when he saw them standing so close to each other they could have been hugging.

Phra Thongkham
Like naughty school children, they quickly pushed each other away.

Nanthawan was a frequent visitor to the temple under an arrangement with the abbot where her husband would pick up leftover food to help defray the cost of feeding the large number of cats and dogs they raised at home. Nanthawan would do the dishes at the temple in return.

The abbot used to oversee the arrangement himself, but after Phra Thongkham, whose quarters were nearby, and Nanthawan exchanged numbers, he left the job of overseeing things to the monk, who was with the temple for five years before he strayed.

“I had heard about them carrying on for some time. If locals found out, the temple would suffer, so I tossed out the monk when he refused to swear that he had done nothing wrong,” Phra Athikanrawai said, while cheerfully showing reporters the spot where he saw the couple standing. Monastic rules forbid contact between monks and women.

Sanan said he had been suspicious about his wife’s contact with the monk for the past year or so. “She would often get home from the temple as late as 10pm even though the temple is just 2km away,” he said.

The monk’s name would show up on her phone when he called. When she left on the morning of May 9, she dropped off their saleng vehicle with a relative at a local market and he hasn’t seen her since.

“The night before she left, I took my wife into my arms and told her that I loved her. I asked if she loved the monk. She denied it, as she said he already had a wife,” he added.

Talking to reporters on May 21, he said his wife had called their daughter a few days before to say she wanted to be with the former monk.

However, his wife’s elder sister, who denied Nanthawan had strayed, told him his wife had found a job on a building site in another province and would return.

“When I called her back she said my wife in fact would not be coming back as she was upset I had gone to the media,” he said.

“You told them the story that she had run off with the monk, harming her reputation,” the sister complained. The saga continues.

‘Friends’ cross the line
Pichet holds a gun as he confronts his girlfriend outside her room.

A teen in Samut Prakan shot an older acquaintance after catching him getting too close to his girlfriend.

Bang Phli police found the body of Pongsakorn Chuenmee, 22, on the bed of a rented place which he shared with a bunch of youngsters, including the killer’s girlfriend.

They found four shells from a .38 nearby and the room festooned with drug taking gear, including syringes. Pongsakorn was shot four times including once in the eye and the neck.

The killer, Pichet, or Arm (no surname given), 18, took a motorcycle taxi to the police station to hand himself in following the shooting.

He said he burst into the room to find Pongsakorn and his girlfriend in each other’s arms. They were sleeping there along with four or five others.

He and Pongsakorn argued while the others, including his girlfriend, waited outside. When the sound of gunfire rang out, they ran for cover.

Arm, who shot the victim twice initially, followed his girlfriend outside and the pair argued.

Still unhappy, he went back inside and shot the victim another two times before leaving out the back and hailing the motorcycle taxi.

Arm said he and the victim would run into each other often. When he met his girlfriend, he introduced them, and before long suspected they were up to no good.

“I opened the door once and saw both in each other’s arms. Before the latest incident, I took a look at her phone and found a chat there which removed any doubt,” he told police.

He shot the victim with a gun which a trades student friend had left in the room with him.

His girlfriend, unnamed in news reports, said Arm misunderstood. She and the others including the victim lived together and were simply close friends, she said.

However, he was jealous and could not accept their friendship. Police charged him with premeditated murder.

Undertaker meets grim fate
Two brothers arrested for killing the undertaker.

Two brothers in Udon Thani were nabbed after stabbing to death the local undertaker for charging too much for a relative’s funeral.

Police in Kut Chap district found the body of Urai Khampeng, 65, undertaker at the village temple, lying in front of a grocery store.

He was killed in a fight, captured on CCTV, with brothers Yutthapong Chaiwan, 32, and Adisak Chaiwan, 30. They took off on a motorcycle, leaving their weapons behind.

Police found a fruit knife, sugar cane knife, and Sparta knife at the scene, though the Sparta knife may have belonged to the undertaker, who earlier used it to stab Mr Yutthapong in the hand when the row first erupted.

The brothers, who were drunk and had taken ya ba pills the night before the attack, accused the undertaker of over-charging for their grandfather’s funeral.

Police following up the attack found Mr Yutthapong in front of his house on a hammock, listening to music.

A machete and an axe were by his side.

Wary officers deployed a hook, forked stick and shield to nab him. However, he was in no fit state to resist.

“He said he didn’t know they had killed the victim,” one officer said later. The victim and his two attackers were relatives but it made no difference.

Officers searched for his brother Adisak for an hour, without success, so asked his relatives to bring him in.

Both suspects, who tested positive for drugs, were still groggy and hallucinating.

“They said they took three ya ba pills the day before, and drank lao khao (a fiery Thai spirit).

So fortified, they decided to go and seek vengeance for the stabbing,” police said. The brothers were charged with premeditated murder and taking drugs.

A ‘wai’ for your gold
 Nopparat gives a wai before robbing the gold shop.

A gold shop robber in Samut Sakhon distinguished himself with his good manners when robbing a store, but nonetheless brought two guns.

Nopparat “Mo” Rompho, 22 robbed the Hang Thong Yaowarat Krungthep goldstore at Big C Mahachai 2 in Muang district on May 17. He took five necklaces each worth three baht weight in gold.

The young man fled on a motorcycle but police tracked him down three days later to a hideaway in Muang district.

CCTV images show the man was unusually polite. Walking in on the day of the robbery, wearing a crash helmet and the green livery of a delivery man to help disguise his identity, Mr Nopparat gave staff a wai and said, “Please give me permission to rob you.”

That was an unusual opening line, and must have taken staff by surprise. One woman behind the counter, in fact, appears to be smiling.

It was to be followed by: “Please grab your necklaces, and put them in the bag if you don’t want to get shot.” Mr Nopparat lifted his shift to reveal two guns on his waist. “And please do it quickly, too,” he added.

Mr Nopparat said he stole the gold to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage. He knew he would need money for a dowry and hoped the robbery would help pay for it.

He wore a rider’s uniform as he used to work as a rider, though had since quit. As for the guns, they belonged to his Dad.

Asked why he asked staff for permission to rob the place, he said his good manners came naturally because his parents taught him to be polite. “They taught me well, but didn’t finish the job as I ended up a robber,” he said.

Police charged him. It was unclear how much of the gold they were able to recover.

Sunday 19 May 2024

Flying poo saga hits home, naughty monk tries out screenshots

Hermit rescued from decrepit room

The apartment from hell where a man lived in squalor for 17 years.

A complaint over flying poo in the Ratchada area lifted the lid on a dark saga in which a psychiatrically ill man is said to have launched the projectiles from his room where he lived in squalor for 17 years.

Social media activist Guntouch “Kan” Jompalang said a local, Wiphonrat Paomaiman, also known as Aunty Pha, had appealed for his help after dodging human faeces thrown from a nearby apartment for months.

She said the man she believes is responsible tosses raw human faeces out the window of his place in soi Suea Yai (soi Ratchadaphisek 36), on a whim, making the lives of those below a misery. “We live in constant apprehension we will be struck,” she told reporters.

She moved to the area four or five months ago to be close to a hospital where her husband is receiving care. But the flying poo menace, according to neighbours, had been going on unabated for two years.

The inside of his dreadful room.
The man would toss his faeces from the window four or five times a month. Anyone who passed by on the street below could be hit. 

“We can’t park our vehicles down here, nor do we dare hang out the washing, or plant trees. Whenever he thinks of throwing it, he just throws it,” she said.

Aunty Pha, who lives on the first floor, has had to clean up faeces stains from the walls and roof of her place as no one else would take responsibility. 

She had contacted the building’s juristic entity and Phahol Yothin police, to no avail.

“I have spoken to the man’s mother, but she refuses to acknowledge that her son is to blame. She asked for evidence, which forced me to get a CCTV camera installed. It shows clearly that the projectiles come from the place that he’s in on the fourth floor. “When I go up to the landing, the place stinks of faeces. But his mother refuses to get him help or admit there’s anything wrong,” she said.

TV coverage of the saga shows projectiles being launched from the apartment.

Activist Kan, who turned up with a large black umbrella for cover, himself tried talking to the parents, and made little progress. They insisted their son, 50, was happy living hermit-like in his room, which they claim he had not left to visit the outside world in 17 years.

Despite the room having no running water or electricity, according to media reports, his mother, who lives separately about 100m away, and delivers meals to her son’s room three times a day, insisted her son was getting proper care.

Kan said the parents refused to let him in to see their son. “He is happier where he is, and we do not want him to go anywhere else,” they are said to have told him. Neither parent appeared before the media, though Kan said the father was an associate professor in psychology, and the mother herself an associate professor.

Neither lacked an education but where their son was concerned did not want to listen to reason.

Guntouch ‘Kan’ Jompalang
The activist convinced police that a search warrant was necessary for the man’s own safety. Phahol Yothin police, accompanied by Chatuchak district staff and a mental health team, forced their way into the room after the man inside refused to let them in.

Scenes of filth and degradation greeted them. The room was full of faeces and years of accumulated waste.

“There was so much rubbish strewn about that he had no room left to sleep,” reports said. Media images showed the occupant, who was painfully thin, being taken in a stretcher to Somdet Chao Phraya Hospital for treatment.

Earlier, when Kan knocked on the man’s door, he opened it slightly but he spoke gibberish and refused to let anyone in. “The parents insisted the room was in a tidy condition, but the room I glimpsed through the door was a mess,” he said.

Wiphonrat Paomaiman
Asked to explain their son’s decision to live alone and refuse to emerge from his room, the parents said he came under social pressure from those around him.

“He never finished school, and wasn’t able to find work like our other kids, so started to hide from the world,” they said, adding he was also hounded from a bus, and teased by motorcycle taxi guys in the street.

Through all of this, the parents insisted their son was not mentally ill, nor in need of care. No surprise, then, that he did not take any meds.

Asked what would happen to their son if one day his parents were not around to deliver food, the parents claimed they had entrusted his care to others. The mother added cryptically: “The room is a sacred place, should something go wrong.”

Local body inspectors in Chatuchak may charge the family under a sanitation law, reports said. The case continues.

Ex-partner rips into monk
Sittipol or Puak

A woman in Bangkok claims her ex-partner, who entered the monkhood to escape online fraudsters from whom he duped money, forced her to parade naked during video calls.

Manita, 29, contacted the FB page Sai Mai Tong Rod, whose founder, Ekapop Lueangprasert, came to her aid.

Manita says her ex-partner, Sittipol, or Puak (no surname provided) entered the monkhood on April 28 in Uthai Thani to escape online fraudsters for whom he opened a mule account to receive victims’ funds.

He refused to hand over the 50,000 baht deposited in the account and spent it himself. When the gang tried tracking him down, he took shelter in the monkhood.

Meanwhile, Phra Sittipol, whom she described as a jealous type, called her almost every day, despite his mother declaring at the start of April that she was unsuitable for her son.

Manita and Sittipol started seeing each other at the start of the year. His mother in April asked them to quit, but Sittipol, she said, persisted.

Manita said Sittipol was still talking to his ex-girlfriend when they were together, but claimed he still loved her.

Manita having a shower while talking to Sittipol
“I still had a soft spot for him, so agreed to his demands,” she said, referring to Phra Sittipol’s request after he entered the monkhood that she parade about naked for the camera.

“He called me on video call almost every day and would ask if I was with anyone else,” she said. Phra Sittipol, she said, asked her to put on the camera while she showered, ostensibly so he could make sure she was not sleeping with anyone.

However, unknown to her, he also took screenshots of her naked and shared them with other monks. He also pulled out his penis for her to look at, she said.

He sent Manita a screenshot of her naked on May 7. Manita said she was shocked, but he insisted he took the screenshot just to look at it.

The next day, however, another monk contacted her on FB to warn both of them about their behaviour. He said such conduct was not appropriate, as her ex-partner was still a monk. He had taken shots of her naked and shown them to other monks, he said.

Manita said she felt embarrassed and contacted Taling Chan police. “My ex-partner threatened me, saying he has relatives who are police and he wasn’t scared. He is also a hothead and once threatened to wreck my shop,” she added.

Activist Mr Ekapop said he would liaise with police, who were likely to call Phra Sittipol in for questioning on Computer Crimes Act charges, for importing decent images into the system.

“You are no longer laity, and doing wrong like this is bound to have consequences in the real world and the monkhood alike,” he said, referring to the monk.

Phra Sittipol spoke to reporters on the phone, denying he initiated the video calls, or forced his ex-girlfriend to put the camera on while she took a shower. “She called me herself and voluntarily took off her clothes,” he said, while admitting he took the screen shots.

“I took them for the purpose of sending her a warning that it was not a good thing to do in front of a monk,” he said. He denies sending them to other monks or pulling out his penis.

Temple elders said Phra Sittipol had acquitted himself well during his stay there. The case continues.

Sunday 12 May 2024

Lotto saga packs punch, fatal canal fight, FB blooper

Revenge is sweet

The charred saleng.

A Roi Et man whose wife left him two years ago for another man, absconding with his lotto winnings, exacted his revenge when the two clashed in a row over a torched vehicle.

Thawat Buri police nabbed Manij Pranee, 51, and his son (no name given), 19, for murdering Prawit Sumapaso, 43, at the victim’s house in Ko Kaeo, Selaphum district.

Police say the pair stabbed Prawit to death after he burnt a saleng vehicle and sidecar which Mr Manij had earlier bought his former wife, Angkanarat Klanmanee, 47.

Manij Pranee
The victim and Ms Angkanarat were living together at the time of the attack, reports said, but an argument earlier that day led to him torching the vehicle in a fit of pique.

While the vehicle blaze was the immediate impetus for the attack, Mr Manij said his rage had been festering ever since Ms Angkanarat took off with Prawit and his lotto riches two years ago. “I gave them a chance and let them live together, but he went and set fire to the saleng I bought her,” he told reporters. “It was just deserts.”

Ms Angkanarat said Prawit destroyed the saleng after getting drunk and arguing with her on May 5. She told her ex-husband Mr Manij what happened, and together with their son and a relative, they went to Selaphum police.

On the way back, they dropped into the house she shares with Prawit in Ban Khok Kung village. Mr Manij, who forced his way inside, demanded to know why Prawit set fire to the vehicle. Prawit, he said, attacked him with a knife.

He struck back in self-defence, he claimed, denying witness claims that his son also took part in the killing. Prawit was found with 10 stab wounds to his body, and his left hand was almost completely severed.

The killing brought to an abrupt end a complex triangular love affair in which Ms Angkanarat at one point was living with two husbands, Mr Manij and Therdsak (no surname given), an invalid ex-soldier, before leaving home supposedly with her fling.

Angkanarat Klanmanee
Husband No 2, as news reports called Therdsak, had been with Ms Angkanarat for 10 years when she left home to live with Prawit. He later filed for a divorce.

Ms Angkanarat, Prawit, and Mr Manij, however, were still bound up in each other’s lives until the saleng fire drama forced matters to a head.

News reports last week say Ms Angkanarat and Prawit, husband No 3, ran away together shortly after Mr Manij won the 6 million baht first prize in the state lottery on Nov 1, 2022. She met Prawit at a dating site, they said.

Two years ago, Mr Manij, who has three children with Ms Angkanarat and had been with her 27 years, transferred the money to her account after they collected the winnings at the lottery office. He asked her to transfer back 1 million baht to make merit for monks, and another 100,000 baht for his own expenses, which she did. Another 1 million baht went on paying off their debts, reports said.

Shortly after they made merit for the monks, Ms Angkanarat vanished, supposedly with a secret admirer who turned up at the monks’ function and stayed on for a few days. He referred to himself as a relative, though the couple’s middle child said he heard later from a neighbour that the visitor behaved more like a secret lover.

Meanwhile, when Mr Manij checked with the bank, he found his absent wife had quietly withdrawn 2 million baht from the account. Ms Angkanarat claimed she was visiting Nong Khai province for a few days, but her son called to chastise her for taking off with a secret lover. Later he and his father went before the media in Bangkok to sound off, forcing her abrupt return.

Ms Angkanarat later reconciled with her husband, claiming she withdrew the 2 million baht to make merit and denying she left him for a secret lover. She transferred back to him 3 million baht, half of which they put into bank accounts to pay for their kids’ education. He kept the rest himself, so left her 100,000 baht for her own use.

Mr Manij, who appeared with her jointly before the TV cameras holding their own bankbooks, said his wife agreed to the deal on condition he move out of the house in three days. However, the two stayed in touch.

News reports say she moved in with Prawit. Though news reports two years ago were mute on the identity of her lover, and even accepted her claims upon her return that she had never found anyone, by last week when Prawit and Mr Manij clashed, all that had changed.

When Mr Manij recently moved back to the village where Ms Angkanarat was living with Prawit, reports said, she and Prawit started to argue, as Prawit resented her visits to her ex-husband. The owner of the rented house where the stabbing took place, Thongluen Prasertsang, said he saw both Mr Manij and his son attack Prawit. News reports say Mr Manij went armed with a machete, and his son a knife. Police charged the pair with jointly murdering Prawit.

Perils of teen love
The canal where the attack took place.
A 33-year-old man in Pathum Thani was killed by his teen lover’s friends after an encounter under a bridge erupted into violence.

Klong Luang police arrested “A” and “B”, both 15, who gave themselves up after killing Theerawut Kongkhathong, 33, under a bridge on Highway No 9 (Kanchanaphisek Road).

Theerawut, who worked in Bang Pa-in district of Ayutthaya, had earlier contacted his girlfriend, “C”, following an argument. The pair agreed to split up, but Theerawut asked for the return of a phone he had given her, and the two sides agreed to meet under the bridge, on Liab Klong Sam Road in Klong Sam district.

Theerawut turned up with a friend on the back of his bike, while C, for the sake of safety, invited two teen friends, both aged 15. They met on the night of May 4. Perhaps predictably, the two started to argue again, and Theerawut apparently hit her with his motorcycle helmet. The teens sprang to her defence, with one attacking Theerawut with a knife.

Theerawut jumped into the river, but his attacker followed him. It was only when a passerby saw the commotion and called out that the teens stopped and fled. By that time the victim was dead. Police charged the teen attackers with jointly killing the man.

It’s all in the look
Noppanat is arrested
A young man in Bangkok who attacked a stranger with a knife simply for looking at him was caught months later when his girlfriend betrayed their location via a social media post.

Commandos in Pathum Thani nabbed Noppanat Pansaen, 22, last week after he fled to the province following the attack on Thanandon Bunphan, 59, on Aug 11 last year. 

The attack took place in Bang Chan sub-district of Klong Sam Wa, leaving the man with serious injuries. Mr Thanandon said he was heading out for drinks at a friend’s place when two young men went past on a motorcycle. 

“I looked at them to see if I recognised the pair, but they took exception to that,” he told reporters. They returned and confronted him. “What are you looking at, or do you want trouble?” one young man asked provocatively.

Mr Thanandon cursed him, which led to the men attacking him with a knife and a plank of wood. “They knocked me out and the next thing I knew, I was in Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital,” he said later. A bystander came to his aid and he complained to police.

Officers looking for the suspect’s whereabouts heard that Mr Noppanat had fled to live with his girlfriend, but had yet to find out where. 

“His girlfriend then put up a story on FB which said they were visiting a temple in Pathum Thani. Officers saw the post, which led to his arrest,” one officer said. Mr Noppanat said the victim had cursed them, and they were drunk. Police charged Mr Noppanat with attempting to kill.

Sunday 5 May 2024

Exploding hearts, tattoo sex mystery, water bottle wars

No apprenticeship needed

Atsada shows off his heart tattoo to a police officer.

Criminals start leaving their mark early these days, as a young miscreant with a tattoo of an exploding love heart on his chest could tell you.

Metropolitan Police nabbed Atsada, or “Dan Hua Jai Rabert” (Dan with the exploding heart), 19, no surname provided, after his former girlfriend, Bee (assumed name), 17, complained about his conduct.

She told Bang Khun Thian police that Atsada had posted clips on the internet of them having sex after their relationship went sour.

Police say Atsada would often rape or molest his conquests, film them having sex, and threaten to post the clips when he didn’t get his way.

When they set out looking for him, they suspected the case concerning Bee would not be a one-off, and so it was. When police nabbed Atsada in soi Charan Sanitwong 85, Bang Phlat, after a brief pursuit, they found he had three outstanding assault and theft cases against him.

Worse, when the police searched his home they found his new girlfriend, a 14-year-old girl, in residence.

He had persuaded the underage girl to stay with him over Songkran, despite desperate attempts by her family to contact her.

Her anguished family had made almost 100 missed calls to her phone since she fled home to live with him. Atsada told the girl to tell her parents that she was staying with a friend, but forbade her from answering the phone.

Media reports say that, far from welcoming the arrival of police, the youngster was quick to defend her new boyfriend. She alone was responsible for whatever wrongs he had done, she said.

Police say Atsada had taken many clips of them having sex, and had been in contact with potential buyers. After finding the girl, police called her parents to put their minds at ease.

Atsada, who is happy to admit to his offending, will be charged with abducting a child for the purpose of performing an act of indecency, and Computer Crimes Act charges.

Bee, meanwhile, told police she started seeing Atsada in February last year. They were together nine months before Bee caught him being unfaithful.

When Bee found out, she asked to leave, but Atsada, who claimed he still loved her, said he would post the sex clips if she went ahead. When that failed to change Bee’s mind, he posted the clips on her Facebook, humiliating her in front of friends.

Bee’s family took her to lay a police complaint, but Atsada kept taunting her, saying the threat of legal action did not scare him.

“My uncle is a policeman, and my elder brother is a soldier. The most that I will wear is a fine,” he boasted, while admitting to police later that none of that was true.

Atsada, while repentant, said he wasn’t interested in making up with Bee, as he was taken with his new love, the 14-year-old. “I am much happier with the new girl, so I forgot about the old one [Bee],” he said.

As for the three outstanding cases against him, he now can add to those the ones concerning Bee and the underage girl. At the end of March this year, news reports said, he stabbed a teen on Memorial Bridge. In the middle of last month he beat up a guy called Tu in Ekkachai soi 8, and at the end of last month, he stole sex stimulants from two convenience stores on Phra Ram II.

And as for the racy nickname, he derives it from a tattoo on his chest of an exploding love heart. He pulled up his shirt at the police station to show the artwork to curious officers.

Tha tattoo wasn’t finished, however, as the tattoo artist was nabbed by police in Phuket before he could complete the job, he said.

Police sent him to Bang Khun Thian police for further action.

Sex positions and all that
Vee with the bruise on her chin.
A Kamphaeng Phet teen has gone to police after the violent partner of a woman friend beat her up in a row over a tattoo artist.

Vee (no surname provided), 18, complained to Muang police about “A” (no further details provided), who she said assaulted her at her friend’s home.

A, she said, kicked her in the chin, beat her chest, and hit her with a spatula. Vee went before the media with big bruises on her chin.

She said A, in a fit of jealous rage, also attacked his girlfriend’s mother, when she tried to step into the row. However, he spared his girlfriend herself, even though she was the real object of his anger.

Vee said A accused her of taking his girlfriend, Mot (no surname provided) to see a tattoo artist for sly sex.

Vee denied anything happened at the tattoo artist’s, but A would not believe her, so hit her to show his displeasure, and also struck Mot’s mother.

According to what Vee told police, Mot had asked her three days before the April 28 attack if she wanted to accompany her as a friend on a visit to see a tattoo artist in tambon Sa Kaeo.

She had visited the tattoo artist, identified only as Pod in news reports, several times before. She agreed and the visit went as normal.

On the day of the attack, Mot called her in tears and asked her to go and see her at her family home.

She found Mot and A there, who claimed to have evidence that his girlfriend was unfaithful.

He claimed that Pod sent him chat messages taunting him about his sex exploits with Mot, including detail about their supposed sex positions. “If nothing happened, how come he sent me that message?” asked an outraged A.

Vee said that on top of the assault, A also detained her at the house overnight (she escaped the following morning), and forced her to take half a ya ba pill.

Meanwhile, Amarin TV spoke to Pod, who denied sending the message to A or having sex with Vee.

He said he and A had been friends for more than 20 years. He knew his girlfriend, Vee, but not intimately.

However, he was not to be spared A’s wrath either. He said Mot contacted him following her visit claiming she had argued with her mother and asking him to come around.

He went to see her as a concerned friend, only to find A there as well. He slashed him in the left rib cage with a cleaver, leaving a large scar. Pod, who has yet to lay a police complaint, said he was not sure who set him up: Vee, or A. Police are looking for him to pursue Vee’s complaint.

Wilting in the sun
The water bottle that Suthon assumed his uncle and aunt had taken.

Tempers frayed in Buri Ram amid the summer heat in a potentially deadly row over a water tank.

Prakhon Chai police were called to a farm after an angry occupant, Suthon (no surname provided), 34, threatened his relatives with a shotgun.

Suthon accused his uncle and aunt of taking a water bottle (the five gallon plastic bottles which supply office water coolers) from his farm hut, where he usually stays alone.

His tank had disappeared and when he spotted a similar bottle at their hut assumed they had taken it.

When they denied it, he smashed the bottle, leading to an argument with his uncle, who pulled out a knife. Suthon brought out his gun in response and threatened to wipe them all out.

When a relative later complained to police, he took his uncle’s motorbike and fled into the forest.

Sai Bua, 61, who alerted the police, said she was in her hut with her husband and four grandchildren when Suthon appeared.

Police find a long barrelled shotgun in a barn.
When the row over the water bottle heated up and Suthon threatened to shoot the hut’s occupants, everyone fled, she said.

Mau, 71, the suspect’s mother, said her son tends to the buffalos and is a hot head. He and his uncle whom he accused of taking the bottle argue often, she said.

Searching the property after the complaint, police, the village kamnan and assistant village head found two short-barrelled shotguns under a tree, and one long-barrelled shotgun in a barn.

News reports say they also found a knife, and a ganja pipe which they suspect belonged to the suspect.

Police used a loud hailer for 30 minutes to try to coax the suspect out of the forest, with no success, as he fled into another village.

No further word was to hand on his fate.

Sunday 28 April 2024

Canal death mystery, sex for drugs, forgetful felon

Burning it at both ends

Krongpop, or Nong Ice

A Kanchanaburi man’s dalliance with a second girlfriend whom he saw over Songkran may have led to his premature death when he ran off the road on his way back to his regular girlfriend in another province.

Phanom Thuan police found the body of Krongpop, or Nong Ice (no surname given), 20, in a waterway behind the Talat Khet municipality office in Rang Wai sub-district on April 20.

He had been missing for more than a day since he set off from his family home in the province for the return journey to Prachuap Khiri Khan, where he lives with his girlfriend of two years, Rattanaporn, or Aom (no surname given), 23.

The two parted ways to return to their home provinces over Songkran, with Aom visiting family in Si Sa Ket. She had arranged to meet Ice in Prachuap Khiri Khan on the morning on April 19 upon his return, but he failed to show.

Rattanaporn, or Aom
Aom said the two had argued before he left his family’s place about midnight on April 19, after she discovered he was seeing someone else.

“I received a message from someone asking if I was still seeing Ice or if we had split up,” she told police later.

Aom said she suspected Ice was secretly seeing an ex-flame, Cream (no surname provided), who lives in his home province. They had split up some time ago but she suspected they reunited over Songkran.

Ice’s father, Chaiyapol, who last saw his son about midnight as he left his family home, contacted police after he failed to show up in Prachuap Khiri Khan the next day.

“He spoke to his grandmother before he left and started to cry, saying he did not want to leave. I thought that was strange behaviour but he would not be dissuaded from his desire to go back anyway,” he told reporters.

However, Ice did not head straight back. Inquiries revealed he went to see his ex-girlfriend, Cream, at home first.

The probe revealed that Aom was correct in suspecting he was seeing Cream quietly during Songkran week.

In fact, his father said Ice did not stay overnight with his family but spent the whole time with friends. He would pick up Cream at her place to play Songkran every day, he said.

Ice’s father also contacted Rapee Chamnanrua, a public figure who helps those fighting for a fair deal from the justice system. Mr Rapee contacted Cream’s family, who confirmed he visited Cream’s place after he left his parents’, leaving there about 3am.

Before he left he received a call from a friend who asked him to pick up a spare part for a motorcycle, which he asked Ice to work on at the repair shop where he is employed in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Cream’s family told Mr Rapee that Ice and Cream parted amicably. Nor did she know that he was living with another woman in Prachuap Khiri Khan. “She found out through the media after he disappeared,” they said.

Ice’s family and friends initially suspected that Ice’s philandering ways may have landed him into trouble. Aom asked whether Cream may have had a boyfriend who discovered Ice was meddling with her, and decided to get revenge.

Further inquiries suggest his demise may have been a mere accident, however, with Ice racing out the door of Cream’s place to meet his friend, “B”, to collect the motorcycle part.

Aom said she last heard from Ice about 2am, as they argued online about the mysterious message she received. Meanwhile, inquiries revealed that he sent a message to Cream about 3am while on his way back to Prachuap Khiri Khan saying he had fallen asleep at the wheel and ran off the road. She replied, urging him not to overdo it.

Police and divers found his body in an irrigation canal on April 20, but without his motorcycle, or phone. Two days later, they found the motorcycle submerged in the water, about 19km from where they found the body, which appears to have been carried away by currents in the canal.

About 150m away, they found skid marks by the side of the canal which suggested he lost control of his vehicle and fell in. At 3.33am on the morning he disappeared, CCTV cameras captured him on his motorcycle, turning into a road running alongside the canal. At 3.02am, barely moments before, he had messaged Cream to say he had come off the road.

Ice’s body when retrieved from the canal bore no signs of having been attacked, though he was no longer wearing his shirt. His motorcycle showed no signs it had been hit by another vehicle, though in a nagging detail which has stumped police, the bike was set in fuel/seat mode which suggests the engine was off when it hit the water. In that mode the bike can’t move as the accelerator is locked, lights are off and so on.

“He’d have to wheel it down there to get into the water as the engine would not have been going,” one investigator said.

As a result, police believe there was a 60 percent chance it was an accident, 30 percent chance he was killed, and 10 percent chance that his death stemmed from a dispute over his own philandering. Inquiries are continuing.

Twisted tale
Boonma, or Keng
Police in Surat Thani nabbed a father who allegedly left his two young children with a drug supplier accused of sleeping with them in return for providing him with drugs.

Police raided a house in Maret, Koh Samui, rented by Boonma, or Keng, 49 (surname withheld). They found two children there, a boy aged aged six and girl aged seven, and 149 pills of ya ba and 0.27 grammes ya ice secreted in his bedroom.

They were accompanied by staff from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and staff from a welfare home, who have taken over care of the children. They stepped in following a good samaritan’s complaint to the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women, run by former MP Pavena Hongsakul.

Police say the children appear to have been confined at the house for at least a month. Their drug addict father, Watchara (no surname given), left them in the care of Keng, a gay man who is also an alleged drug supplier, supposedly so Keng could sleep with them, in return for which he would keep the father supplied with drugs.

One media report said that when police arrived they found Keng in bed with the boy. The good samaritan found out about the plight of the children after the girl managed to escape briefly from the house and revealed what was going on.

Police say Keng gives ya ba to men he likes in return for sex. They say addicts come and go from the house constantly, buying drugs.

The children’s maternal grandmother asked Keng if she could take over care of the kids, but was rebuffed, police said. Officers charged Keng with possession with intent to supply. They also nabbed the father Watchara, who tested positive for drugs.

They sent him to drugs rehab though they are also questioning him about the kids’ claims that he sent them to live with Keng in return for drugs. Police also sent the children for a checkup to see if they were abused sexually.

Oops, gotta go
 The rider being nabbed outside the station.
A rider called into Huai Khwang police station to look at CCTV images from an accident only to flee when he recalled that six arrest warrants were out for him.

Officers nabbed Manop (no surname given), 35, who delivers food for a delivery company, opposite the station moments after he fled. When Manop called in asking to look at CCTV images following a vehicle accident, an officer recognised him and asked him to wait.

Manop must have grasped the gravity of his own offending, reports say, as he abruptly stood up and fled. Officers caught him before he was able to get too far.

Police say he has outstanding warrants going back a couple of years. He is accused of setting up mule accounts for online fraudsters, fraud, and committing deceptive practices under the Computer Crimes Act.

A well-travelled alleged conman, his offences are said to have occurred in Pattani, Chanthaburi, Ratchaburi, Tak, and Nakhon Pathom provinces, among other places. Officers informed him of the charges, and sent him to Nakhon Pathom police for further action.