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Sunday 4 February 2024

Clip blowback; concert row; carpark sprint; egg surprise

 Humiliation complete

 Witthawat ‘Beer’ Jaithim

A Sukhothai man says he killed a relative in an execution-style murder after she filmed him masturbating and shared the clip on social media.

However, locals insist they never saw it and think he was hallucinating under the influence of drugs.

Ban Dan Lan Hoi police arrested Witthawat “Beer” Jaithim, 38, for killing the victim, Ananya “Tan” Chaiya, 40, a relative, on the family farm after nursing a grievance over the supposed clip expose.

Ananya, who was about to visit a local temple to make merit with friends, first headed out to a pen to release the cattle, a daily ritual.

However, Mr Witthawat, a nephew of her husband’s who was lying in wait, attacked first.

He shot her with a cap gun, knocking her to the ground. He also kicked her, and struck her repeatedly with the butt of the gun until it broke.

The suspect also made her bow at his feet and admit what she had done. When she insisted on her innocence, an enraged Mr Witthawat stabbed her twice from the rear with a knife.

Earlier, she begged for her life from the same forlorn position, but Mr Witthawat was unforgiving.
Ananya ‘Tan’ Chaiya
Her body was found in a prone position, leaning forward, the same posture she was in when the killer stabbed her in the head.

Mr Witthawat insists he was acting out of vengeance after she filmed a clip of him standing and “helping himself”, as the Thai goes. Later she posted the clip on the internet, media reports said. It was shared widely, causing him distress.

However, a crew from Amarin TV spoke to her friends, none of whom had seen the clip. He told police that she shared the clip via TikTok, but Ananya’s TikTok has just a single, innocent post. If ever she posted an incriminating clip, it is now gone.

The discovery of the body and subsequent arrest led to distressing scenes at the farm, as Mr Witthawat’s own mother, Thim Ngernkam, swore she wanted to kill him.

TV footage showed her screaming and struggling with police as they tried to stop her inflicting harm on her son.

“I want him killed as punishment, just as he killed Ananya,” she said. Locals say Mr Witthawat abuses drugs and alcohol, and can go berserk when under the influence.

The victim’s son, Noppadon, who travelled to the scene after hearing about his mother’s death, was no less distraught. He sobbed and had to be held up by relatives.

He said Mr Witthawat had once tried to shoot him because of his mother’s supposed misdeeds, but the gun failed to fire.

Ananya’s husband, who works in Taiwan, joined the grieving family via video call. He, too, cried as he recalled what a good person the victim was. Police charged a smiling Mr Witthawat with premeditated murder and firearms charges.

‘My finger slipped’

A Si Sa Ket man fatally shot his girlfriend following an argument but insists it was an accident.

Jiraporn Linson, 25, was found astride her motorcycle in Muang district, shot six times in the nape of the neck shortly after she had attended a mor lum concert in the village.

A monk from a nearby temple said he heard the shots and emerged from his living quarters in time to see three motorcycles driven by local youngsters flee the scene.

However, further inquiries led police to the victim’s boyfriend, Issara Bunsong, 22, who admitted killing her but claims it was an accident.

Issara, who already has a partner, had been seeing the victim on the side, which led to problems of jealousy. The two argued often and did so again on the night the victim was to die.

“I was sitting behind her on the motorcycle and pulled out my gun from my bag, meaning to threaten her. However, I slipped and it went off accidentally,” he told police after his arrest. Mr Issara shot Jiraporn with a Thai-modified 12-gauge shotgun, which he discarded following the fatality.

His father, Samai Linson, 54, said his son told him what happened and had felt sorry for what he did, as he loved Jiraporn. “He has been talking about taking his own life. I will enter the monkhood myself for a short time to make merit for the victim,” he told reporters.

Police charged him with premeditated murder and firearms charges.

Running into trouble
Pakthorn Jenwanit runs across the carpark.

A shooting at an apartment in Nakhon Si Thammarat, perhaps motivated by mere jealousy, also uncovered a suspected drug racket.

Tha Sala police are looking for a man identified as Bell, who dropped by an apartment owned by a woman friend when he spotted a supposed male rival there, and shot him.

He shot Pakthorn Jenwanit, 33, in the abdomen, as the victim stood on her balcony, clearly in view from the carpark which Bell had just entered.

Mr Pakthorn, despite his injuries, managed to flee across the carpark in his underwear as he sought help.

CCTV vision shows him running towards the office, where he asked shocked staff for help. Clutching his abdomen, he lay down on a bench seat outside as he waited for a rescue crew to arrive.

The attacker’s bullet passed through his back and shattered a window inside the apartment. Its owner, Siranya, 29, was also there but escaped injury.

Mr Pakthorn had stepped on to the balcony for a cigarette when Bell, who entered the carpark in a Toyota Vios, shot him.

The apartment is on the first floor and the carpark is in front. While some reports say he was shot from outside, others say Bell entered the building and knocked on the door. Neighbours say they heard shouting before a shot rang out.

Bell fled in his vehicle towards Surat Thani-Nakhon Si Thammarat Road, and police were looking for him. It is unclear if the men were known to each other. Mr Pakthorn is recovering from his injury.

While jealousy was suspected initially, a police search of the apartment uncovered 28 ya ba pills and 4.3 grammes of ice secreted away.

Officers also seized a white Mercedes Benz owned by Siranya. Police say they found a 9mm calibre gun and 13 bullets inside. They also seized an Isuzu pickup belonging to the victim, along with two other cars which the woman said she had bought on credit.

Siranya moved in a couple of months before, neighbours say, and received a constant stream of visitors.

“She is always driving fancy vehicles, but she swaps the registration plates often,” one said. Police are investigating.

White box turns up goods
Ekk Piyawat’s food box.

Police in Udon Thani searched a convicted drug dealer’s pad kra pao meal for ya ba tablets after failing to find any drugs in front of his home.

They were in luck, turning up one pill tucked inside his food box and another 49 inside a teddy bear in his bedroom.

Kumphawapi police dropped in to see Ekk Piyawat, 45, a convicted dealer, after hearing from locals that a constant stream of teens was visiting his place.

Police keep an eye on Ekk, who has served time for drug possession and supply. The report about the teens suggested he had gone back to his old habit of supplying ya ba pills to the locals.

Ekk was sitting outside his place having a pad kra pao meal with a fried egg in a white styrofoam box when police dropped by.

Officers were surprised to find no drugs prepared for sale, given what they heard from neighbours, so asked to take a close look at his meal. “We noticed the fried egg was sitting on top of everything else as if he was concealing something,” one member of the search team said.

TV footage showed him fossicking inelegantly through the man’s meal. He turned up a single tablet wrapped in foil, hidden among the food. As they were searching, teens were still dropping by on their motorcycles. When they saw the police, they fled.

Police then asked to search his bedroom, where they found a teddy bear with its front gutted. After rummaging about inside the stuffing they turned up a plastic envelope with 49 pills. Added to the single pill found in Ekk’s food, the visit turned up a total of 50 pills.

They once again charged Ekk with possessing ya ba with intent to supply.

Sunday 28 January 2024

Sore loser; red-faced thief; prank backfires; abbot's boast

No way to leave

Apichet Kaenpho

A Samut Prakan man married to his wife for 20 years attacked her repeatedly with a sharpened screwdriver rather than let her leave him.

Bang Kaeo police nabbed Apichet Kaenpho, 43, after he stabbed his ex-wife, Pensri, 38, in the carpark of a food hall on Theppharat Road in Bang Phli.

CCTV cameras captured the attack in which Pensri is seen approaching Mr Apichet, who had tracked her down at work and was lingering in the carpark.

The pair start arguing after a few seconds before Mr Apichet lunges for her neck. She tries to flee but he follows, reaches into his bag and pulls out a sharpened screwdriver.

He stabs her repeatedly with the 12cm screwdriver, chasing her to an area outside the camera’s range, as three women come to her aid. A passing car starts beeping its horn to deter him, as a male security guard, alerted by the screaming women, heads towards the scene.

The sharpened screwdriver
Within seconds, Mr Apichet can be heard saying he was prepared to surrender. The security guard and locals held him until police arrived.

A rescue crew treated Pensri at the scene before sending her to hospital, where news reports said she needed 13 stitches to wounds to her neck, shoulders, back and chest. She is now out of danger.

Talking to police, Mr Apichet said the pair had been married 20 years and have two children, but his wife left him two months ago. When he found out where she was working he tracked her down, though he insists he simply wanted to discuss dividing up their assets.

However, Pensri refused to talk to him and walked away, so he attacked her. He suspected she was seeing someone else, which he could not accept.

Pensri’s aunt, Kanha, who works with the victim at a traditional Thai massage shop as a cleaner, said she saw Mr Apichet had turned up asking where he could find his ex-wife, so she alerted her niece.

Pensri went out to meet him in the carpark and he started attacking her. Kanha said her niece left the man because he would get drunk and beat her up.

“I had her work with me for the sake of her safety,” she said. The police were contemplating charges at press time.

Theft caught in HD
Chinnakorn Kumaneepakorn

A young man from Loei is regretting his turn as an opportunistic car-parts thief as his exploits were captured on an observer’s smart phone in a clip which went viral.

Chinnakorn Kumaneepakorn, 26, stole the rear-end light panels from an Isuzu pickup as it was parked at Pluak Daeng Hospital in Rayong on Jan 19.

Mr Chinnakorn, who was visiting the hospital to see the doctor, has the same model of Isuzu truck but suffered a broken tail-light on the way there. Seeing another Isuzu in the carpark, he decided to steal its rear-light panels rather than take his own vehicle in for repairs.

He was about to travel to his home province of Loei and knew he would need his lights in working order before he set off. A new set of lights would have set him back 5,000 baht, he told police later.

A good samaritan in the carpark, however, appears to have noticed that he was up to no good, despite Mr Chinnakorn’s efforts to deflect attention.

First, the clip captures him walking around with his phone to one ear while surreptitiously scouting the scene. Then, when he is sure no one is nearby, he calmly undoes the tailgate of the target vehicle, whips out a screwdriver, unscrews the light panels, and takes them back to his own pickup.

He places them in the back seat and drives away, unaware that his every action had been caught on camera.

The clip, which went viral, was aired by mainstream media. TV news presenters marvelled at its clarity, with one telling viewers enthusiastically they were witnessing “theft in HD”.

The vehicle’s owner, Jirasak Wongsida, complained to police about the theft of his tail-lights. He handed over the clip, which the good samaritan had given him.

Police tracked down Mr Chinnakorn via his Isuzu plate number, also captured in the clip, and with the aid of nearby CCTV cameras.

They arrested him at his home in Loei, where a contrite Mr Chinnakorn said he had seen the clip of his own misdeeds — as had his friends, his parents, and even his boss.

Mr Chinnakorn, who worked at a factory in an industrial estate in Pluak Daeng, said his boss sacked him. “The theft really wasn’t worth it, given what followed,” he admitted ruefully to police, who will charge him with the theft.

She didn’t get the joke

A Trat man who asked his drinking mate if he could harass his wife for fun is facing police charges after the prank backfired.

Muang police nabbed Weerapol, 42, after allegedly molesting the woman, “A”, 35, in her bedroom as her boyfriend, Bansing, 39, sat outside, indifferent to her plight.

The men were drinking at Bansing’s rowhouse when Weerapol asked if he could play a prank on his wife, entering her bedroom and pretending to have his way with her.

A, who had just showered and gone to bed, said she woke to find Weerapol in her room with his trousers down. As she screamed for help, he held his hands around her throat and told her to keep quiet.

The ruckus attracted the attention of a neighbour, Nattaporn, 25, who said she entered the bedroom in time to find Weerapol pulling up his trousers.

“A was calling for her husband. He was there but didn’t do a thing to help,” she told reporters.

According to A, far from coming to her aid, her husband closed the bedroom door when she started to scream.

Weerapol denied taking down his trousers, saying A kicked him and they fell down. He said he grabbed her by the throat to tell her to keep the noise down, but did not mean to use force.

A, holding a duvet close to her body, appeared in shock and was crying as she recounted what happened.

Bansing still insists his friend meant no harm, and his wife was over-reacting. Police took both men in for questioning.

Just passing on the word
Phra Saen

The drugs found in the abbot’s room.
An abbot of a temple in Buri Ram has shrugged off his arrest for taking illicit drugs, saying he will re-enter the monkhood once he has served his time.

Police Region 3 officers and staff from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board nabbed Phra Saen, 62, abbot of Wat Nong Ta Yao in Lahan Sai district, as part of the government’s quick-win drugs suppression policy.

Phra Saen was found with nine ya ba tablets. However, he insisted the drugs were “old” and that he had bought them from a group of teens, who sold them for 100 baht for five pills.

The abbot said he took the pills for educational purposes, so he could preach to locals about the danger of drugs. “When I have served my punishment I will quit drugs for sure and then enter the monkhood again,” he said optimistically.

Ploy, a local, said temple faithful had long suspected the elderly abbot was taking drugs.

“No one likes him much, but we have to visit the temple to make merit. He has been at the temple for 10 years,” she said. No word was to hand on what charges he will face or when he will be defrocked.

Sunday 21 January 2024

Rubber farm execution, thick-skinned victim, squealing pig

Argument spurs double murder

Sittikorn ‘Puay’ Chanmad
Karin ‘Daow’ Boonkaewsut

Muang police in Trang have nabbed two men for the execution-style murder of a rubber farmer and his wife which was staged to look like a mere accident.

The killers shot the pair, Nitikorn Damrord, 39, and his wife Chananthita Roddam, also 39, on a muddy mountain road in Nam Put sub-district on Dec 15 before setting fire to their bodies and their motorcycle. Relatives who found their bodies quickly discovered they had been shot rather than falling victim to a fiery road accident, and called police.

They rounded up the suspects, Sittikorn “Puay” Chanmad, 33, and his mate Karin “Daow” Boonkaewsut, 24, within three hours. The suspects, who live locally and were known to the victims, admitted the gruesome killings.

Ring-leader Mr Sittikorn, who had argued with Nitikorn previously after the victim caught him trespassing on his land, saw his victim tending to his trees and decided to get even.

Mr Sittikorn’s plantation is close to Nitikorn’s own. The two argued after Nitikorn caught him cutting a trail through his oil palm trees. The pair carried on bickering in the months that followed.

After spotting Nitikorn on his farm, Mr Sittikorn, son of an assistant tambon administration head, went to fetch his mate, co-accused Mr Karin. They hid on the route which they knew the victims would take on their way home. News reports say Mr Sittikorn climbed a tree on a high point above the road to keep an eye on his prey as they approached.

Mr Sittikorn shot Nitikorn with a shotgun he brought with him. The blast hit Nitikorn in the shoulder, knocking him and his wife off their bike. In gruesome scenes, he forced Nitikorn’s wife Chananthita to lie on the road and watch as he shot Nitikorn again.

Nitikorn had brought with him a handgun for his own protection, which Mr Sittikorn retrieved and handed to his mate Mr Karin. Then, he opened the vehicle’s gas tank and set the motorcycle alight with a match.

Mr Sittikorn also shot Nitikorn’s wife with his shotgun. “I didn’t mean to kill her initially, but she had seen everything so I had no choice,” he told police later.

As his friend Mr Karin was heading back towards their motorcycle, media reports say he noticed Chananthita was attempting to crawl away despite her injuries. He shot her in the neck with Nitikorn’s handgun, the reports said.

Flames from the fire spread to engulf the bodies of the victims, leaving behind a charred mess. The two offenders hid the shotgun in the trees about 300m away before fleeing to their own homes, where police found them later.

Mr Sittikorn said he told his parents he had killed the pair. It is unclear how they reacted.

Officers who travelled 2km up the mountain to inspect the scene found a shotgun wad nearby, along with bullet fragments, which suggested the suspects made a half-hearted attempt at best to disguise the killing as an accident, as was their intention.

Nitikorn’s elder sister, Kannikar Damrord, 46, said her brother and his wife were hard-workers who kept to themselves. She knew the offenders as locals in the village, but did not know they had a grievance with her brother.

Nitikorn, she said, was a qualified lawyer, but did little legal work these days, preferring to farm. Police charged the suspects with premeditated murder and firearms offences.

Shooting victim bounces back
Thanadol Prom-on

A Buri Ram man admired in the media for his thick skin has survived a second shooting attack in which he was hit five times but once again emerged with minor injuries.

Thanadol Prom-on, 27, was shot five times on his way home from the tapioca starch factory where he works. Two men wearing balaclavas drove up alongside his motorcycle and shot him with a suspected 9mm handgun before fleeing towards Soeng Sang district in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Bullets entered his right rib cage, left shoulder, chest, and twice in the right arm but still he survived, drawing the attention of Thai media who marvelled at his “thick skin” (ability to survive major damage to his vital organs). Mr Thanadol, nephew of the deputy president of Hu Thamnop subdistrict administrative organisation in Pakham district, was struck in another shooting in August last year. Police believe both are linked.

That attack followed an argument with a group of young people, who tracked him down to his uncle’s home later to seek revenge. They shot up a party in front of his uncle’s place where Mr Thanadol was present, riddling the front of the house and a pickup with bullets.

Thanadol was shot in the body, although media reports are vague about where. In any event, he survived, and a group of 10 suspects were rounded up and charged. Pakham police say they were granted bail and, upset to have been caught, may have staged the second shooting.

They called in two of the original 10 suspects and tested them for gunpowder residue. Results are pending. Mr Thanadol’s mother, meanwhile, says her family was aware the original suspects had been charged but did not know what stage the case had reached when the second attack occurred.

She is appalled the same offenders may have staged a second attack on her son. “How can they still wander about the place? It was an outrageous, nasty attack,” she said, adding she hopes the suspects pay for it with their lives.

It’s a pig’s lot
Kong, the farmer

Locals in Buri Ram are worried that a man who tried to have his way with a pig might try the same tricks on them.

Chaloem Phra Kiat police were called to a farm in Isankhet sub-district after the owner, Kong, 40, said she caught a man molesting her pregnant nine-month-old pig in its sty.

If the indignities of being a pregnant pig were not enough, the man, a diminutive 155cm tall, naked and bare-footed, added insult to injury by trying to penetrate the pig’s backside. The pig, unhappy about being assaulted, squealed in an unusual way, which alerted its owner that something was wrong.

Kong, who was alone and raises three pigs at her farm, pulled aside the curtain of her place, about 20m from the sty. She said she was shocked to find the offender in “sit-up position” as he molested the animal, which is two months’ pregnant and close to term.

“I was reading up on how to deliver a pig alone, as I am afraid that will be my lot, as there’s no one else here to help,” she recalled later when reporters paid a visit.

The unlucky pig
“Suddenly, I heard the pig emit an unusual squeal. At first I assumed its litter had arrived, but no. I peered outside and saw a man assaulting her.

“I was too afraid to go out, so I shouted at him, saying if he didn’t leave now I would call the village head,” she added.

Panicking at having been caught, the man, still without clothes, jumped out of the pen and burrowed under a wire fence at the rear. Police found his bare footprints on the field and a road nearby.

The pig’s rear end is red and bruised, news reports say, adding the animal been subdued and sad since the attack.

Police also found rice bran scattered about, which they suspect the offender used to lure the pig. Going beyond the call of duty, perhaps, some news reports even explored the nature of a disorder in which humans are sexually attracted to animals.

Kong suspects the offender is a local, as the man appears to have recognised the name of the village head. News reports say locals in the area are worried the man may decide to return and molest humans, and have urged police to step up their search.

Sunday 14 January 2024

Greedy lender pays price, just a fun stabbing, axe mishap

Sunday 7 January 2024

Marriage blues; golden luck; teen gun folly; bored thief

Old man has head turned

The shop where Somchai was caught

An old man in Sing Buri infatuated with a neighbour young enough to be his daughter has been warned by his elderly wife that if he carries on, she will lay a complaint with police.

This is the least of his indignities: Somchai Sriyotha, 83, has also been banished from home owing to a compulsive petty thieving habit.

A shopkeeper on the Sing Buri-Lop Buri Road in Muang district last week called police after catching Mr Somchai helping himself to 3,000 baht of the shop’s cash. She said she did not want to take legal action, given the man’s age. However, she did want police to give him a stern warning.

It is a message the police have heard previously, as Mr Somchai has a history of petty theft from shops near home. He steals so he can present the proceeds to a young neighbour with whom he is infatuated.

None of his shopkeeper victims have taken legal action, as they take pity on his plight, but they have banned him from their shops. His long-suffering wife, Yupa, 81, meanwhile, goes from shop to shop offering compensation for the goods he has stolen.

Police did as they were asked after his latest exploits, delivering another strong warning not to do it again, and Mr Somchai once again vowed he would behave. However, when police took him home, his wife Yupa was not happy to see them.

“Why have you brought him back here?” she asked. “What has he done this time, and why don’t you lay charges?” she asked impatiently.

Ms Yupa explained that she had booted her husband out of their home as his habit of stealing extended to their own belongings, too. He had taken food, gold, and even old corrugated iron and wood to present to his lady love in the hope the gifts would impress her.

Ms Yupa grew tired of his petty pilfering so banished him from home. She bought him a mosquito net and mattress so he could sleep outside, but the old man, undeterred, would still try to break in. However, after being banned from home as he largely is these days, Mr Somchai started thieving from nearby shops instead.

Police persuaded Ms Yupa to call the couple’s son to see if he could help, but media reports say he was no less fed up with his father’s conduct. Both wanted police to take action against the old man.

His wife vowed: “I want the police to take action, but if they won’t, I will file a complaint myself, as he is always stealing money and hitting me.”

The couple, Ms Yupa said, are originally from Ratchaburi but when their adult children found jobs in Sing Buri, they moved there.

Their children built a home for their parents, and drop in to see them, but this attention is not enough for Mr Somchai, whose head was turned by a young woman down the road.

The young woman plays a small role in this kitchen sink drama, as reporters found the house empty when they went to see her. However, neighbours denied she had taken anything from the old man.

Back to the happy couple, police had to spend some time talking to Ms Yupa and her son out of their desire to proceed with legal action. When reporters went back for another visit later in the week, things were little improved.

They found Mr Somchai was still forced to sleep outside. Ms Yupa said she caught him at 5am that day, about to head out for one of his sorties to nearby shops, but she put a stop to it.

“I threatened him and said he would have to stay at home for the next 2-3 days or I would tell the police,” she said.

A valuable lesson
Wandee’s grandson taking the rubbish bag with the gold out to the bin.

A Rayong woman has been reunited with valuables worth half a million baht after her grandson accidentally threw them in the rubbish.

Wandee Sengsuay, 61, placed her valuables including gold of 40 baht weight and a two karat diamond ring in a bag which she set down at home, though one media report said she absent-mindedly placed it outside the front door. She put the valuables inside two bags, with the outer bag being a black rubbish bag.

Her grandson, none the wiser, assumed it was intended for the rubbish, so took the bag outside and dumped it in a bin.

The bag ended up in the hands of a local garbage collector, who wandered by later that evening and took the bag home along with other discarded goods she found that night.

A CCTV camera caught her grandson wandering across the road with the bag. Umaporn Phetwangoh, 46, came by later that evening in a cart attached to a motorcycle, saw the bag, and put it in her cart.

Wandee Sengsuay
“I took it back home. It was so heavy that I assumed at first it was an old battery, but when I looked inside I found it stuffed with gold and other jewellery.

“I asked my husband to take a look and we were joking together that it must be fake for sure,” she told Pluak Daeng police, who tracked her down via a series of CCTV cameras to her home.

“I put the gold down, as I wasn’t interested in it. When the police came to see me and told me what happened, I almost fainted,” she said.

The police said they did not suspect the couple of theft, so they were not to worry. However, they did want the items returned.

They invited them to the station where police and the owner inspected the goods to make sure nothing was missing.

The police then handed the valuables back to a relieved Ms Wandee, whose reaction was no less shocked when she first discovered what her grandson had done with the bag.

“However, I kept my cool and contacted the police,” she said.

Ms Umaporn said she was happy the owner had been reunited with her valuables. “We would never want to profit from someone else’s misfortune,” she said.

Teen pays for aggression
The pen gun
A Pathum Thani teen who ordered a friend sitting behind him to pull out a gun during an argument with rivals is dead, after the gun went off by mistake.

Klong Luang police nabbed “B”, 15, for the accidental death of his 14-year-old mate, “A”, at the mouth of soi Erawan 28/1 on Dec 31.

They were part of a threesome, riding behind another lad on a motorcycle that evening when teens on another bike cut in front from the left lane.

The two groups started to argue and A, who was sitting in the middle of the two other lads on their bike, ordered B, who was sitting rearmost, to pull out his gun.

However, as B was pulling out the Thai-modified pen gun, it went off, shooting A in the nape of the neck. Rescue workers took him to hospital, but he died from his injuries.

Pol Col Kiattisak Mitprasat, head of the station, said police had studied the trajectory of the bullet, so knew that the teens on the other bike were not involved in A’s death.

“The bullet entered from the rear on the right side and travelled at an upwards angle, lodging on the left side of the skull. It could not have come from the bike on the left, which fled the scene,” he said.

B admitted what happened. He was charged with firearms offences and carelessness causing death.

Just a little memento
The thief breaking into the school.

An obliging thief in Satun uploaded his profile picture to the Facebook site of a school he had just robbed, boosting police chances of making a quick arrest.

The thief broke into Sri Aman Suksa School in Muang district on Jan 3. CCTV cameras show him climbing in the window of an administration office, where he found a bunch of keys and calmly let himself into one room after another.

Sunthorn Wongmadthong, who holds the school operating licence, says the thief tried a school piggy bank, though a teacher had fortunately deposited most of the cash with a staff cooperative shortly before. “He took anything of value including spare cash he found, but didn’t want the computers, or he could have taken enough to fill a car,” Mr Sunthorn said. He caused damage worth about 1,000 baht.

“The thief also took a school phone linked to our main FB site. After leaving the school he took a picture of himself, still wearing the same outfit he wore for the robbery, and uploaded it as the school’s new profile picture.

“We can see his face clearly and can tell he is not a local. However, he should not be hard to find,” he said. News reports say police nabbed a 17-year-old for the robbery later the same day.