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Sunday 4 February 2024

Clip blowback; concert row; carpark sprint; egg surprise

 Humiliation complete

 Witthawat ‘Beer’ Jaithim

A Sukhothai man says he killed a relative in an execution-style murder after she filmed him masturbating and shared the clip on social media.

However, locals insist they never saw it and think he was hallucinating under the influence of drugs.

Ban Dan Lan Hoi police arrested Witthawat “Beer” Jaithim, 38, for killing the victim, Ananya “Tan” Chaiya, 40, a relative, on the family farm after nursing a grievance over the supposed clip expose.

Ananya, who was about to visit a local temple to make merit with friends, first headed out to a pen to release the cattle, a daily ritual.

However, Mr Witthawat, a nephew of her husband’s who was lying in wait, attacked first.

He shot her with a cap gun, knocking her to the ground. He also kicked her, and struck her repeatedly with the butt of the gun until it broke.

The suspect also made her bow at his feet and admit what she had done. When she insisted on her innocence, an enraged Mr Witthawat stabbed her twice from the rear with a knife.

Earlier, she begged for her life from the same forlorn position, but Mr Witthawat was unforgiving.
Ananya ‘Tan’ Chaiya
Her body was found in a prone position, leaning forward, the same posture she was in when the killer stabbed her in the head.

Mr Witthawat insists he was acting out of vengeance after she filmed a clip of him standing and “helping himself”, as the Thai goes. Later she posted the clip on the internet, media reports said. It was shared widely, causing him distress.

However, a crew from Amarin TV spoke to her friends, none of whom had seen the clip. He told police that she shared the clip via TikTok, but Ananya’s TikTok has just a single, innocent post. If ever she posted an incriminating clip, it is now gone.

The discovery of the body and subsequent arrest led to distressing scenes at the farm, as Mr Witthawat’s own mother, Thim Ngernkam, swore she wanted to kill him.

TV footage showed her screaming and struggling with police as they tried to stop her inflicting harm on her son.

“I want him killed as punishment, just as he killed Ananya,” she said. Locals say Mr Witthawat abuses drugs and alcohol, and can go berserk when under the influence.

The victim’s son, Noppadon, who travelled to the scene after hearing about his mother’s death, was no less distraught. He sobbed and had to be held up by relatives.

He said Mr Witthawat had once tried to shoot him because of his mother’s supposed misdeeds, but the gun failed to fire.

Ananya’s husband, who works in Taiwan, joined the grieving family via video call. He, too, cried as he recalled what a good person the victim was. Police charged a smiling Mr Witthawat with premeditated murder and firearms charges.

‘My finger slipped’

A Si Sa Ket man fatally shot his girlfriend following an argument but insists it was an accident.

Jiraporn Linson, 25, was found astride her motorcycle in Muang district, shot six times in the nape of the neck shortly after she had attended a mor lum concert in the village.

A monk from a nearby temple said he heard the shots and emerged from his living quarters in time to see three motorcycles driven by local youngsters flee the scene.

However, further inquiries led police to the victim’s boyfriend, Issara Bunsong, 22, who admitted killing her but claims it was an accident.

Issara, who already has a partner, had been seeing the victim on the side, which led to problems of jealousy. The two argued often and did so again on the night the victim was to die.

“I was sitting behind her on the motorcycle and pulled out my gun from my bag, meaning to threaten her. However, I slipped and it went off accidentally,” he told police after his arrest. Mr Issara shot Jiraporn with a Thai-modified 12-gauge shotgun, which he discarded following the fatality.

His father, Samai Linson, 54, said his son told him what happened and had felt sorry for what he did, as he loved Jiraporn. “He has been talking about taking his own life. I will enter the monkhood myself for a short time to make merit for the victim,” he told reporters.

Police charged him with premeditated murder and firearms charges.

Running into trouble
Pakthorn Jenwanit runs across the carpark.

A shooting at an apartment in Nakhon Si Thammarat, perhaps motivated by mere jealousy, also uncovered a suspected drug racket.

Tha Sala police are looking for a man identified as Bell, who dropped by an apartment owned by a woman friend when he spotted a supposed male rival there, and shot him.

He shot Pakthorn Jenwanit, 33, in the abdomen, as the victim stood on her balcony, clearly in view from the carpark which Bell had just entered.

Mr Pakthorn, despite his injuries, managed to flee across the carpark in his underwear as he sought help.

CCTV vision shows him running towards the office, where he asked shocked staff for help. Clutching his abdomen, he lay down on a bench seat outside as he waited for a rescue crew to arrive.

The attacker’s bullet passed through his back and shattered a window inside the apartment. Its owner, Siranya, 29, was also there but escaped injury.

Mr Pakthorn had stepped on to the balcony for a cigarette when Bell, who entered the carpark in a Toyota Vios, shot him.

The apartment is on the first floor and the carpark is in front. While some reports say he was shot from outside, others say Bell entered the building and knocked on the door. Neighbours say they heard shouting before a shot rang out.

Bell fled in his vehicle towards Surat Thani-Nakhon Si Thammarat Road, and police were looking for him. It is unclear if the men were known to each other. Mr Pakthorn is recovering from his injury.

While jealousy was suspected initially, a police search of the apartment uncovered 28 ya ba pills and 4.3 grammes of ice secreted away.

Officers also seized a white Mercedes Benz owned by Siranya. Police say they found a 9mm calibre gun and 13 bullets inside. They also seized an Isuzu pickup belonging to the victim, along with two other cars which the woman said she had bought on credit.

Siranya moved in a couple of months before, neighbours say, and received a constant stream of visitors.

“She is always driving fancy vehicles, but she swaps the registration plates often,” one said. Police are investigating.

White box turns up goods
Ekk Piyawat’s food box.

Police in Udon Thani searched a convicted drug dealer’s pad kra pao meal for ya ba tablets after failing to find any drugs in front of his home.

They were in luck, turning up one pill tucked inside his food box and another 49 inside a teddy bear in his bedroom.

Kumphawapi police dropped in to see Ekk Piyawat, 45, a convicted dealer, after hearing from locals that a constant stream of teens was visiting his place.

Police keep an eye on Ekk, who has served time for drug possession and supply. The report about the teens suggested he had gone back to his old habit of supplying ya ba pills to the locals.

Ekk was sitting outside his place having a pad kra pao meal with a fried egg in a white styrofoam box when police dropped by.

Officers were surprised to find no drugs prepared for sale, given what they heard from neighbours, so asked to take a close look at his meal. “We noticed the fried egg was sitting on top of everything else as if he was concealing something,” one member of the search team said.

TV footage showed him fossicking inelegantly through the man’s meal. He turned up a single tablet wrapped in foil, hidden among the food. As they were searching, teens were still dropping by on their motorcycles. When they saw the police, they fled.

Police then asked to search his bedroom, where they found a teddy bear with its front gutted. After rummaging about inside the stuffing they turned up a plastic envelope with 49 pills. Added to the single pill found in Ekk’s food, the visit turned up a total of 50 pills.

They once again charged Ekk with possessing ya ba with intent to supply.

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