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Sunday 3 July 2016

Dirty tricks, dog drain afternoon, what's in a name

Row between actresses intensifies

Actress Janie Tienphosuwan has proposed buying out her tenant in a city fitness complex, actress Panadda “Boom” Wongphudee, as she doesn’t want to do business with her any more.

Strains between the two friends were evident last week when Janie went before the cameras to counter Boom’s attack on social media when she accused her of dirty business tactics in a row over parking at their shared site in the Kaset Nawamin Rd area, Lat Phrao district.

Janie denied her staff reserve car parking spaces for her gym, 911 by JT, while blocking access to customers of Smash gym, run by Boom’s husband.

Janie said Smash gym had refused to pay the rent and its share of the power, water and activity fees as a result of the stand-off. Yet she insisted car parking problems only occur four evenings a week, when Boom runs an aerobics class in competition with her own.

This was one of a series of ventures which Boom had entered which put her in competition with Janie or her other tenants.

"I am the landlord with many tenants carrying out different businesses under the same roof. The contract says Boom's main activity is fitness, but she has since added health food and drink, the aerobics class in competition with my own, and yoga, which I also offer," Janie said.

"Tenants occupying the same space should know what to do avoid doing if they don't want to end up being competitors. We should be helping each other. Boom's place started selling health food last month even though I already have a tenant doing that. I don't want my tenants feeling that if they join me they will encounter problems."

Janie denied the dispute had soured her friendship with Boom, but added Boom had yet to discuss the matter with her directly, preferring to go through her husband.

Originally the joint venture had three partners, Boom, actor Nathakorn "Top" Trikisayaweht, and Janie, offering a gym, taekwondo, and muay thai respectively. Janie bought out Top's shares when the two fell out, giving her control of the business.

When Janie bought out Top's shares, Boom said she mistakenly allowed Janie to treat her as a mere tenant, even though she had put up most of the capital including the building cost. Janie had refused to buy the building from her.

Janie said she had now decided to take up Boom on her offer, and was prepared to pay her the three million baht for the building if she walks away from the business.

Janie said she had rented land next door to expand the car park, and apologised to Smash customers for any inconvenience.

Boom and her husband, Ekkarin "Ekk" Ninsethee, are upset they asked Janie’s side for a new rental contract, but were rebuffed.

Janie said the contract request was a sensitive matter.

"It's my first time in business," she said. "If you are to have me make a new one, I would have to look at everything carefully. I opened the gym only two months ago. I have spoken to my lawyer and he says the present agreement is still in effect. I would look at the classes which clash with each other, the fact we have presented bills which go unpaid. It's not a matter of ask for a contract today, get it tomorrow. This business, this contract is also my life.

"We have gone past the point where we should sit down face to face and discuss the problem," she added bluntly.

Boom has since challenged Janie to go before the press with her so they can debate the matter. She also takes issue with Janie’s apparent request that she move out in three months. Janie denies she has settled on an end date. -

Cops to probe rescue drama


The other side
Five people involved in the recent rescue of a dog from Klong Toey port have complained to police after a model who runs another dog charity accused them of defamation.

The five filed a counter-complaint with Technology Crime Suppression Division police last week, after model Chollada "Kae" Mekratri, who runs the Voice Foundation for Animals, complained the week before.

The row started after two of the five, who are associated with the Society for the Promotion of Animals under Royal Patronage, questioned whether she is running the Voice Foundation’s finances transparently. They took issue with the foundation’s recent call for donations to rescue the dog in Klong Toey, even though they had organised the rescue themselves.

The society insists it carried out the rescue, including seeking permission from Klong Toey port to drill a hole in a drain to free the animal, pay the contractor, and find someone to care for the dog, called Jao Coring, after the "coring" or drilling operation needed to free it.

They say they were shocked when Kae, in comments to the media last week, insisted her foundation itself raised funds for the rescue, paid the contractor, and freed the dog.

She did not mention that the society makes a rival claim to that effect. The five said they came forward to set the record straight.

One of the five, Chanya Pasupong, from the society, said the dog fell in the drain on May 11. Penjan "Chompoo" Changtorlek, also among the complainants, asked the society for help on May 22, and on May 30 the society left a message on Facebook appealing for tradesmen.

It also made contact with two dog lovers, Poomrat Lertwisitchai, a businessman behind the Miss Thailand International 2016 competition; and his friend, Amornsak Rassamithamakay, who came up with the 20,000 baht needed to drill the hole. Both men are named in Kae’s complaint, among a total of 24 people she accuses of defamation.

"The tradesman enlarged the hole and freed the dog the same day. After that, criticism erupted on social media ... why was our tradesman pictured with another animal charity [Kae’s foundation], and why were they raising money via their Facebook for him?" she said.

Kae called the society soon after. "We asked her why she was raising funds when we had paid the bill ... she called to say never mind, it was a misunderstanding. But she took her legal action a week later, and we haven't spoken since," Mr Poomrat said.

The society suggested she donate the spare funds to a temple which cares for dogs in Lampang province.

"In her comments to the media, she claims she hired the tradesman and paid the bill to rescue Jao Coring, which we find confusing. We don't want to take legal action, as we all love animals. But we need to clear our name. Chompoo, who sought our help, didn't contact any other animal groups about the rescue," Ms Chanya added. Police are investigating. -

Singer hits bum note

Singer Nawin "Navin Tar" Yaowapholkul is putting a brave face on the end to his relationship with actress and model, Chicha "Kitty" Amattayakul, who has since taken up with a singer friend of his.

"I am getting over it day by day. I can't say if she acted too fast in finding someone else," he said, after Kitty was pictured arm-in-arm on a visit to Hong Kong with Getsunova lead singer Prakarn "Name" Raiva.

"I have no problem with Name, as we are friends," Navin Tar added. He did not think Name acted as a sly third hand breaking up their relationship.

"I saw the picture at the same time as everyone else. I won't speak about my feelings, just the facts. We were seeing each other but are now friends.

"We had problems for ages, and quit about a month ago. I tried to keep it going, to no avail," he added.

Name has kept a low profile since his return from Hong Kong, refusing to talk to the media at a city function this week. The pair drew close after he invited Kitty to star in an MV for the band’s first album, though they knew each other before.

Before the photos emerged of them shopping in Hong Kong, Name admitted Navin Tar had called him to ask about news he was seeing Kitty.

"If our status changes I will tell the media, as I am the open type," he said. This week, after attending the function at Siam Paragon, Name fled the scene rather than talk to reporters waiting to ask about the pictures.

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