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Actress Sucha ''Orm'' Manaying is getting criticised on the internet after faking a meltdown at a city department store.

Orm, who sprang to prominence in the 2010 lesbian romance Yes or No, So I Love You, lets fly at pushy members of her fanclub in a clip published late last week.

The YouTube clip, supposedly posted by a fanclub member who filmed the outburst, was picked up widely by news outlets.

While most media reports treated the incident as genuine, a few sceptical neitzens said it looked too over the top to be true.

''It's just a publicity stunt for a product she is promoting,'' one claimed. ''The clip will be spread on social media as a form of viral marketing. Orm's fanclub will end up looking bad, and she gets all the benefit,'' one sniffed.

In the clip, fans have surrounded the actress who, after initially forcing a smile, grows fed up and starts laying into one with a rolled up piece of paper.

Orm says she and her film crew were trying to work, but were drowned out by the noise. ''Look, can't you just quieten down? I am begging you. Can't you show some understanding for us?'' she asks.

Her fans - clearly taken aback by Orm's tantrum - let out a deflated sound in unison: ''Ohhh!''

''Everyone here is tired. You say you love me, but this isn't love at all. You're just making people hot under the collar!'' Orm shouts.

''Don't bother saying sorry. Show some sympathy, can't you? I haven't eaten since this morning. I'm starving!''

Orm storms off, knocking an electronic signboard bearing her name out of the hands of a fan. As the device clatters to the floor, her fans let out another sound of dismay: ''Eee!''

On Friday, amid unanswered questions from the media as to what had really happened, another clip was published on YouTube in which scenes from Orm's meltdown appear as part of an advertisement for a chocolate bar.

''I lost it because I was hungry,'' she tells an event organiser apologetically, as she bites into the confectionery.

The same brand last year hired actor Somchai ''Tao'' Kemklat to promote its product.

The ad depicts Tao, who has convictions for assault, as a cheerleader who refuses to hold aloft his sign because he is angry.

''I quit, I quit,'' he tells the producer, who is trying to film a sequence in which everyone holds up his board in unison.

''You have a problem with that?'' he hollers, as he makes his way down the squad, yanking signs from his fellow cheerleaders.

A member of the production crew asks Tao if he is hungry, and hands him a chocolate bar. ''Does that feel better?'' he asks.

Tao transforms into an eager young person, and proclaims he is ready to carry on with the shoot. The ad gave rise to the phrase ''Don't do a Tao,'' which caught on with young viewers.

Now, many netizens are unimpressed they were taken in by Orm's meltdown.

''I will no longer buy that product,'' some declare flatly. ''I am surprised Orm would resort to such trickery.''

Many of her fans remember Orm complaining to police late last year after her car was stolen from a city car wash.

She was reunited with the vehicle just four days later, with many asking if police put in a special effort to find it because Orm is a celebrity.

''Next time she appeals for sympathy, claiming her car is stolen, I'll know she's just faking it,'' said another unhappy reader.


Singer Pakin ''Tono'' Kumvilaisak is pleading with his fanclub for understanding as he embarks on a relationship with actress Pattarida ''Tangmo'' Patcharaweerapong.

Tono admitted last month he had started seeing the sharp-tongued Tangmo, which prompted a backlash from his fans.

Many of Tangmo's fans are just as unimpressed with Tono, leaving critical messages on social media which have taken the pair by surprise.

Speaking to reporters last week, Tono, who hails from Khon Kaen, admits he could have broken the news to his fans more gently.

''I tend to speak directly, and when I admitted I was seeing Tangmo, never thought I would encounter such a backlash,'' he said.

After Tono and Tangmo were spotted at a city cinema together, reporters asked Tono whether he was seeing the Channel 7 actress.

Rather than claim they were merely friends, as many young male entertainers might do, he admitted he was chatting her up. The pair had met on social media, and Tangmo had asked for his phone number, he said.

Both Tono and Tangmo have now asked their fanclubs for forgiveness for breaking the news in such an abrupt fashion.

''I want to thank Tono for admitting he was seeing me and being so upfront about everything, even though it has probably made his work more difficult,'' Tangmo said.

''I once declared I wasn't interested in having boyfriends any more, as I had lost faith in love. But now I have met a man who has rekindled my hope,'' she said.

''I will not do him any harm or break his heart.''

Tono, meanwhile, said he has always spoken the truth to his fans and could not hide the news from them that he was seeing Tangmo.

''I love this industry, and didn't enter it just to find a girlfriend. I had seven or eight girlfriends even before I entered the industry three years ago, and for me it's nothing out of the ordinary,'' he said.


Socialite Warrapan ''Namwan'' Pankongchuen has offered an apology to an actress whose husband she saw romantically.

Speaking at the launch of a beauty clinic last week in which she is a shareholder, Namwan said the saga involving her affair with the husband of actress and model Panita ''Ning'' Tumwattana had dragged on long enough.

''If you think I have done anything inappropriate, I apologise,'' Namwan told reporters.

''However, I would now like the saga to end. I am still a youngster. I would like an opportunity to work and make my parents proud,'' she said, adding she didn't want the saga to overshadow her involvement in the clinic.

Namwan, the Bangkok-educated daughter of a Chiang Mai hotel and pub owner, was visiting the United States in March when news of her liaison with Ning's businessman husband, Jin Tumwattana, broke.

Namwan's internet-savvy mother inadvertently identified her daughter as Jin's fling when she published on Instagram an intimate online exchange between the pair.

After Jin went before the media to apologise, his wife forgave him, but tensions have remained between Ning and Namwan.

Asked for her reaction to the younger woman's apology, Ning said Namwan hadn't bothered saying sorry personally. She denied claims she had spoken ill of the ''minor wife'' tag in relation to Namwan.

''If she wants to apologise, she should have done it from the beginning. But if she wants it to end, it really should end,'' she said.

''This saga comes up every time someone asks me a question, or holds out a mike. The wronged first-wife tag - who would want it? But does anyone feel sympathy for me?''

Ning said her husband does not really understand how it feels to be portrayed as the victim of his affair.

''He's gives me moral support, which is great. But I can't help reminding him that he was the cause of it all,'' she said light-heartedly.

Actress Rungnapa ''Annie'' Brook admits she has lost all her close friends in the industry since her paternity dispute with superstar Rattapoom ''Film'' Tokongsub flared three years ago.

Annie says her starlet friends now give her the cold shoulder, as they don't want to be associated with someone who has fallen out of favour.

''Real friends in this industry are hard to find. They want to look good, but if they are seen talking to me, their image might suffer,'' she said.

''I am not angry they rejected me, because if it was me, I might have done the same.''

Annie said all her close friends now come from outside the industry.

''They love me and are sincere. I can also talk to them or pour my heart out at will, without having to worry about what gossip they might pass on to others,'' she said.

In September, 2010, Annie claimed she had given birth to Film's son, then aged three months. Film, who admits he had a brief fling with Annie, refused to acknowledge he was the father. Both sides took each other to court for defamation, and settled their dispute last year.

Annie said she was not afraid to weep in front of her friends.

''I am not worried they'll think I'm weak. I'd like other people to know how I feel occasionally. After crying, I'll feel better.''

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