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Sunday 21 January 2024

Rubber farm execution, thick-skinned victim, squealing pig

Argument spurs double murder

Sittikorn ‘Puay’ Chanmad
Karin ‘Daow’ Boonkaewsut

Muang police in Trang have nabbed two men for the execution-style murder of a rubber farmer and his wife which was staged to look like a mere accident.

The killers shot the pair, Nitikorn Damrord, 39, and his wife Chananthita Roddam, also 39, on a muddy mountain road in Nam Put sub-district on Dec 15 before setting fire to their bodies and their motorcycle. Relatives who found their bodies quickly discovered they had been shot rather than falling victim to a fiery road accident, and called police.

They rounded up the suspects, Sittikorn “Puay” Chanmad, 33, and his mate Karin “Daow” Boonkaewsut, 24, within three hours. The suspects, who live locally and were known to the victims, admitted the gruesome killings.

Ring-leader Mr Sittikorn, who had argued with Nitikorn previously after the victim caught him trespassing on his land, saw his victim tending to his trees and decided to get even.

Mr Sittikorn’s plantation is close to Nitikorn’s own. The two argued after Nitikorn caught him cutting a trail through his oil palm trees. The pair carried on bickering in the months that followed.

After spotting Nitikorn on his farm, Mr Sittikorn, son of an assistant tambon administration head, went to fetch his mate, co-accused Mr Karin. They hid on the route which they knew the victims would take on their way home. News reports say Mr Sittikorn climbed a tree on a high point above the road to keep an eye on his prey as they approached.

Mr Sittikorn shot Nitikorn with a shotgun he brought with him. The blast hit Nitikorn in the shoulder, knocking him and his wife off their bike. In gruesome scenes, he forced Nitikorn’s wife Chananthita to lie on the road and watch as he shot Nitikorn again.

Nitikorn had brought with him a handgun for his own protection, which Mr Sittikorn retrieved and handed to his mate Mr Karin. Then, he opened the vehicle’s gas tank and set the motorcycle alight with a match.

Mr Sittikorn also shot Nitikorn’s wife with his shotgun. “I didn’t mean to kill her initially, but she had seen everything so I had no choice,” he told police later.

As his friend Mr Karin was heading back towards their motorcycle, media reports say he noticed Chananthita was attempting to crawl away despite her injuries. He shot her in the neck with Nitikorn’s handgun, the reports said.

Flames from the fire spread to engulf the bodies of the victims, leaving behind a charred mess. The two offenders hid the shotgun in the trees about 300m away before fleeing to their own homes, where police found them later.

Mr Sittikorn said he told his parents he had killed the pair. It is unclear how they reacted.

Officers who travelled 2km up the mountain to inspect the scene found a shotgun wad nearby, along with bullet fragments, which suggested the suspects made a half-hearted attempt at best to disguise the killing as an accident, as was their intention.

Nitikorn’s elder sister, Kannikar Damrord, 46, said her brother and his wife were hard-workers who kept to themselves. She knew the offenders as locals in the village, but did not know they had a grievance with her brother.

Nitikorn, she said, was a qualified lawyer, but did little legal work these days, preferring to farm. Police charged the suspects with premeditated murder and firearms offences.

Shooting victim bounces back
Thanadol Prom-on

A Buri Ram man admired in the media for his thick skin has survived a second shooting attack in which he was hit five times but once again emerged with minor injuries.

Thanadol Prom-on, 27, was shot five times on his way home from the tapioca starch factory where he works. Two men wearing balaclavas drove up alongside his motorcycle and shot him with a suspected 9mm handgun before fleeing towards Soeng Sang district in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Bullets entered his right rib cage, left shoulder, chest, and twice in the right arm but still he survived, drawing the attention of Thai media who marvelled at his “thick skin” (ability to survive major damage to his vital organs). Mr Thanadol, nephew of the deputy president of Hu Thamnop subdistrict administrative organisation in Pakham district, was struck in another shooting in August last year. Police believe both are linked.

That attack followed an argument with a group of young people, who tracked him down to his uncle’s home later to seek revenge. They shot up a party in front of his uncle’s place where Mr Thanadol was present, riddling the front of the house and a pickup with bullets.

Thanadol was shot in the body, although media reports are vague about where. In any event, he survived, and a group of 10 suspects were rounded up and charged. Pakham police say they were granted bail and, upset to have been caught, may have staged the second shooting.

They called in two of the original 10 suspects and tested them for gunpowder residue. Results are pending. Mr Thanadol’s mother, meanwhile, says her family was aware the original suspects had been charged but did not know what stage the case had reached when the second attack occurred.

She is appalled the same offenders may have staged a second attack on her son. “How can they still wander about the place? It was an outrageous, nasty attack,” she said, adding she hopes the suspects pay for it with their lives.

It’s a pig’s lot
Kong, the farmer

Locals in Buri Ram are worried that a man who tried to have his way with a pig might try the same tricks on them.

Chaloem Phra Kiat police were called to a farm in Isankhet sub-district after the owner, Kong, 40, said she caught a man molesting her pregnant nine-month-old pig in its sty.

If the indignities of being a pregnant pig were not enough, the man, a diminutive 155cm tall, naked and bare-footed, added insult to injury by trying to penetrate the pig’s backside. The pig, unhappy about being assaulted, squealed in an unusual way, which alerted its owner that something was wrong.

Kong, who was alone and raises three pigs at her farm, pulled aside the curtain of her place, about 20m from the sty. She said she was shocked to find the offender in “sit-up position” as he molested the animal, which is two months’ pregnant and close to term.

“I was reading up on how to deliver a pig alone, as I am afraid that will be my lot, as there’s no one else here to help,” she recalled later when reporters paid a visit.

The unlucky pig
“Suddenly, I heard the pig emit an unusual squeal. At first I assumed its litter had arrived, but no. I peered outside and saw a man assaulting her.

“I was too afraid to go out, so I shouted at him, saying if he didn’t leave now I would call the village head,” she added.

Panicking at having been caught, the man, still without clothes, jumped out of the pen and burrowed under a wire fence at the rear. Police found his bare footprints on the field and a road nearby.

The pig’s rear end is red and bruised, news reports say, adding the animal been subdued and sad since the attack.

Police also found rice bran scattered about, which they suspect the offender used to lure the pig. Going beyond the call of duty, perhaps, some news reports even explored the nature of a disorder in which humans are sexually attracted to animals.

Kong suspects the offender is a local, as the man appears to have recognised the name of the village head. News reports say locals in the area are worried the man may decide to return and molest humans, and have urged police to step up their search.

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