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Sunday 14 April 2019

Henchman gets her dues, CD goes off air, Kong's many loves

Gang leader nabbed
Police have rounded up a woman who acted as leader of a gang who attacked a hi-so businesswoman friend of actress Arisara “Due” Thongborisut last March.

Thong Lor police last week nabbed Kanokwan “Min” Samranpanit, 29, in the Bang Yai area of Nonthaburi after a tip-off. A group of four women caught last year identified her as a ring leader who paid them 2,000 baht each for attacking Pimyada “Aor Barbie” Siriariyakraikul, 28, outside Due’s Thong Lor condo on March 25 last year.

Aor Barbie
They said Ms Kanokwan was among six women who turned up at the condo that night and attacked the victim.

Detectives say Ms Kanokwan fled on a motorcycle after spotting them in the Bang Yai market but they caught up with her. They say she later admitted paying the youngsters to attack the businesswoman, but claimed she was hired in turn by a man she identified only as “Uan’’, aged about 30, whom she knew from her days working in the Pratunam area.

Uan had offered her 100,000 baht to thump Aor to “teach her a lesson”. He handed her a photo of the intended victim and told her where she likes to hang out. Ms Kanokwan said she did not ask what the dispute was about, as she needed the money.

She decided initially to do the job alone, borrowed a friend’s vehicle, and took it to a nightspot frequented by the victim, according to details supplied by Uan. However, on the way she met a group of young friends who volunteered to help.

“I didn’t tell them I had been hired but paid them each 2,000 baht after the attack and my friend 2,000 baht for the loan of the vehicle,” she told police.

CCTV footage which Due posted on Instagram after the attack on her friend showed six people turning up on three motorcycles and lying in wait outside the condo for about an hour. All were wearing masks as disguises.

When Aor and a friend turned up outside the condo they set upon her. The footage shows them kicking her and pulling her hair before fleeing on their bikes.

Speaking to police, Ms Kanokwan said Uan failed to come up with the 100,000 baht immediately, but sent an initial payment of 70,000 baht. She found out only later the victim was the friend of a high profile figure. In the wake of the attacks, Due pleaded with police to tack down the culprits, saying she feared for her own safety as the assault appeared premeditated.

Police say inquiries showed Ms Kanokwan is also subject to another court warrant issued last August for possession of methamphetamine with intent to supply.

In relation to the assault on Due’s friend, police charged Ms Kanokwan, who was escorted to the station wearing a nightdress and a jacket over her head to disguise her identity, with taking part in gang assault. They are gathering further evidence with a view to tracking down “Uan”. Due has yet to comment on the arrest.

CD draws a red card

The moment of the draw
Singer Guntee “CD” Pitithan says he was shocked to draw a red card when reporting for military conscription last week, obliging him to serve in the military for two years.

The young rapper succumbed to a moment’s impulse to take part in the consciption draw in Ayutthaya province, after earlier intending to seek his third roll-over of his obligation to take part. However, luck was not on his side as he drew a red card, obliging him to serve in the army for its second intake of conscipts starrting in November.

He was one of 43 who drew red in Ayutthaya district from a total of 167 who took part. The outcome surprised CD and his fans alike. Media images showed him consoling his girlfriend, who was in tears at the prospect of having to be apart from her boyfriend.

“I felt at first as if it was in a dream...I never thought it would come this close to me,” he said later, when describing the moment soldiers declared before the crowd that he had drawn a red card from a barrel.

“I still had two roll-overs to go, but went ahead as I couldn’t be bothered with it any more. I changed my mind in the front of the conscription station as I decided I was going to have to do it eventually anyway,” he added. CD’s is the first high-profile scalp claimed from the entertainment industry in this year’s conscription round.

Thai men must report for conscription when they turn 20, though they can apply for an exemption for six years if they are busy with study, or think they might qualify on health grounds. After that they must submit to the draw.

“Fate must have decided I was lazy and ill-dsiciplined and needed sorting out,” he joked.
“My girlfriend is in shock because she didn’t expect me to take part this year, and all of a sudden I have to leave her for two years,” he said.

Meanwhile, actor Jirayu “Kao” La-Ongmanee, who was granted a fourth roll-over when he reported for the draft last week, says he intends applying for the military next year.

If he applies as a university graduate he will be obliged to serve for six months. “I would like to know what it is like as all my friends studied Ror Dor (military cadets) at school,” he said.

Thais who study Ror Dor do not have to take part in conscription. Kao, who reported last week at Wat Yudi Bamrungtham (O Ngoen), in Sai Mai district, said he is still busy with his masters studies at Sripatum University, and has yet to wrap up filming on a lakorn which started last year.

However, by next year he will have cleared his schedule and will be better placed to serve. “I think it’s a matter of law. All Thais have to pass this point, no matter whether they take part in the draw, apply to join or study Ror Dor,” he said. “Many people have gone before me and managed to get through the experience,” he said.

Kong’s a sly dad

Isan singing star Kong Huayrai says he is relieved to finally be able to tell his fans that he is father to a young boy, after “lying” to everyone who asked.
Kong, Belle
Kong, also known as Akkharadet Yodjumpa, 32, came clean last week after being ousted as a secret dad on a celebrity website. He posted a picture of his son, Nong Kai Jeow, aged 14 months, born to his wife, Belle Kanittha.

However, in a social media post Kong also owned up to being a father two other children by his first wife, whom he married when he was aged abaout 20, and divorced five years later. He looks after them both. The news surprised even his close friends, who said they had no idea Kong was a father.

“I have been through a lot of good and bad in life just like anyone else, but it has taught me right from wrong and how to get the best out of what is left,” he wrote. “At first I didn’t think I would tell anyone, and lied to everyone who asked as I was worried it would have an effect on my work. But now that it is in the open I feel relieved.”

Kong is a rags-to-riches story from Sakon Nakhon who worked as PR for a beauty clinic and busker before finding fame as a recorded artist.

Belle, who also welcomed Kong coming clean about their young family, says when he is free the singer takes Nong Kai Jeow to see his two children by his first marriage, Nong Ping and Nong Pluem, who love spending time with their younger brother.

“I am now able to tell people about our son, and of course the feelings of the other two kids are also important,” she said. “Sometimes I have a quiet cry in the car because he cares about the kids’ feelings so much,” she enthused.

Not everyone is happy with Kong’s news. As netizens speculated about the identity of his first wife, a former girlfriend, look tung singer Nakwan “Kaew” Sakol, or “Aey” Patcharapon, came forward to deny being the mother. She admitted the pair were once engaged but she called it off after discovering Kong was also seeing Belle at the same time.

Meanwhile, another one of Kong’s ex-girlfriends claimed she started seeing Kong when he was married, resulting in the union breaking up. However, she lost interest in him when she discovered he liked to play around.

“I left because I couldn’t stand him two-timing with Belle. Kong has a woman in every province. Belle accused me of trying to wrest him away, and deleted me from Kong’s Facebook, but he kept talking to me regardless,” she claimed, adding the pair were living in denial about Kong’s wandering eye.

“He asked for a second chance but I refused and he grabbed me by the throat.” Kong has yet to respond.

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